Freddie Fisher Garden Gnomes

Freddie Fisher and The Gnomes of Borrowash Park

Fritz The Garden Gnome

Meet the Crew

Read more about Freddie Fisher and the Gnomes of Borrowash Park as well as the creator and those behind the scenes.

Charity Work

Learn more about Freddie and the Borrowash Gnome’s charity choice of the year and find out how you can help!

Cartoon Strips

Have a peek and a laugh at some of Freddie Fisher and the Gnomes of Borrowash Park in our cartoon strips.

Who is Freddie Fisher?

The story of Freddie Fisher & The Gnomes of Borrowash Park began in 2011 when a man witnessed a rare appearance of the ever so elusive garden gnomes. Jonny was able to follow a particular gnome all the way back to their village in a secluded region of the woodland park. Gnomes traditionally remain inert when in the presence of humans. A live encounter is almost entirely undocumented; suffice to say Freddie and Jonny befriended one another and it was later agreed, by the gnomic clan council under the presidency of the ‘Grand Radwa’, for stories of their village life and daily antics to be told.
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